Support to the Aviation Community

Conwal provides reasonable, effective solutions for clients on an individual basis. Each client is valued and provided personalized, dedicated attention. The Conwal staff outlines a practical assessment of the client's needs, turning their attention to providing the quality services that clients expect.

Conwal's management team has substantial experience in the supervision of complex Federal programs. These programs include tasks to develop strategic plans, establish policies and funding avenues, implement operating plans and activities as well as to provide program or system effectiveness reviews and evaluations.

Conwal technical team employees are recruited for their talent and experience. Conwal concentrates on employment history in selecting job candidates, frequently hiring technical employees who have career backgrounds primarily with the Federal Government and associated contractors.

Conwal has worked successfully for the FAA in many areas for several years. The company has a full understanding of the overall mission of the FAA (enhancement of aviation safety, aerospace system capacity, security, efficiency, etc.) as well as its policies and procedures. This gives Conwal an inherent awareness of, and an ingrained responsiveness to, meeting FAA needs.

Conwal provides a staff consisting of multi-disciplined teams with extensive backgrounds in relevant aviation professions and technologies. This in place capability reduces the learning curve and provides the highest possible quality in the most cost effective manner. This eliminates the long task assessment period common to many other contract relationships. Conwal believes that a truly productive program staff is one that combines exceptional expertise with quick responsiveness and client sensitivity.

Conwal is well aware of the benefits brought by the application of leading edge technology to FAA projects, and constantly considers ways in which new products and technological developments might be used to enhance cost effective service delivery.

Conwal brings to the FAA technical and managerial competence, with a well-earned reputation for professionalism stemming from years of successful performance in Government contracting.

Health and Human Services Programs

Program evaluation is a central feature of Conwal's Health and Human Services capabilities. Well conducted evaluation is integral to maintaining the success of health and human service programs designed to halt the spread of health problems such as AIDS or substance abuse. Conwal's epidemiologic research assists health professionals in their efforts to learn more about the specific factors surrounding health crises.

Conwal's Health Program division can also provide other support to health professionals, including workshop planning and information dissemination. Additional available support includes conference management, hosting consensus validation workshops, and editing and producing publications for national distribution.

Managed Care

Services in Support of Promoting Health Behaviors in the Managed Care Environment The Changing Role of Behavioral Health Promotion

Until recently, promotion of behavioral health was not viewed as part of the responsibilities of the mainstream health care system. The practice of medicine was focused on treating the ill rather than maintaining health among the well. Promotion of health behaviors in particular was viewed as something apart from "normal" medicine because it depended heavily on patient self-management and direction rather than on a physician's intervention.

Today, the managed care environment is beginning to realize benefits from preventive care and patient education. Spending small outlays to improve patient self-care is much less costly than repeated treatment to address the consequences of failing to motivate and educate patients.

In addition, as private managed care begins to accept management responsibilities for government-funded programs for the poor (e.g., Medicaid, Medicare, State mental health and substance abuse treatment), behavioral health promotion is becoming a contract responsibility. The HEDIS 3.0 measures for managed care entities include verification of behavioral health promotion activities.

Information Management

Conwal can provide clients with solutions to manage information intelligently. Conwal's information management premise is completely straightforward—understand the requirements, design and implement appropriate solutions, and evaluate progress to ensure effectiveness. This premise forms the base of operations in areas such as systems design, facility management, and database development. In addition, Conwal's experts have evaluated, set up, redesigned, and formulated telecommunication networks. Conwal can also offer support in such areas as equipment procurement and staff training.

Project Management Support

Conwal configures project teams around sets of uniquely qualified technical experts and specialists. Each project team focuses on a program's full life cycle, utilizing a deliberate and structured approach across all program stages, from the analysis and conceptual design to evaluation and state-of-the-art documentation. Conwal's management team has extensive experience in the supervision of complex Federal programs such as developing strategic plans, establishing policies and funding avenues, and implementing operating plans and activities.

Systems Acquisitions and Life Cycle Support

Conwal has provided expertise in FAA systems acquisitions and the support of these systems throughout their life cycle. This support includes implementation, logistics, training, data management, program support, quality, and administration. Conwal has a unique understanding of the National Airspace System (NAS); how systems are acquired and integrated into the NAS; how new systems must be tested prior to integration; and the requirements for logistics support (spares, technical documentation, training, support equipment, etc.) during acquisition, implementation, testing, and life cycle support.

Conwal was selected to develop the narrative for the Life Cycle Engineering section in the latest version of the Systems Engineering Manual. This manual will be used by the FAA in all future systems acquisitions.

Conwal has been a leader in the field of NAILS (National Airspace Integrated Logistics Support) for many years. Conwal uses this expertise to assist in the development of Statements of Work, review contractor's proposals, evaluate contractor deliverables, analyze life cycle support of systems, estimate logistics costs, provide recommendations during the provisioning process, and provide assistance to the program and logistics managers. Conwal has developed inputs for such documents as: Integrated Logistics Support Plans (ILSP), Program Management Plans (PMP), In Service Reviews (ISR), Configuration Management Audits, and other program management documents.